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      Here's what's cookin'...
Who hasn't heard that daily question, "What's for Dinner?"
We answer that question with our Homemade Meals TO GO.
  • Sign up for our Weekly Menu via Email. We have an ever changing selection of delicious entrees to choose from. Just stop in and pick up dinner...save time - No Shop, Prep, Cook..Spend the extra time with your loved ones or just sitting down to the table at hme--instead of on the run...or in the fast food drive thru!
Menu for Week of Nov 23 - Nov 27
Yeast Rolls and Green Salad prepared daily.Large Group to feed? Please call ahead to confirm your order of our Family Size entrees and we'll be sure to have one for you!
Tuesday - November 24
Friday - November 27

* Closed for Thanksgiving - Reopen Monday, November 30 *
* Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes *
* Creamy Chicken Enchiladas w/ Charro Beans *
* Chocolate Chip Brownies *
It's easy to stop by and pick up dinner tonight. Save time by letting us do the prep & cooking. 
Just heat & serve! Way less stress!
* Closed for Thanksgiving - Reopen Monday, November 30 *

Our Address:
16058 Bridlewood
Conroe, TX 77384
Are you planning an upcoming dinner party or event? We can help with the food! Call or stop by for details.

Monday - November 23
Thursday - November 26
Wednesday - November 25
* Beef Lasagna *

* EARLY CLOSE at 2:00 pm *

Monday - Thursday
10:00 am - 6:30 pm

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

closed weekends
Our Most Common Entree Sizes & Prices:

7" Small Size
$11.95 -$14.95
Two Servings

9" Large Size
$21.95 - $24.95
Four Servings

11"x14" Family Size
$40.95 - $46.95
Eight Servings

We offer Breakfast Casseroles and Quiche. 

Meat and meatless options available.

Family size 11"x14" $28.95&up

Large Size 9" round $16.95&up

Quiche are 9" round size, $16.95&up
* Chicken Spaghetti *
* Shepherds Pie *
​* White Cheddar Poblano Pepper Soup *
​* Apple Crumb Cobbler *
* Peach Crumb Cobbler *

* Beef & Cheese Manicotti 
* 3 cheese Penne w/ Italian Sausage
* Taco Casserole
* Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
* Beef Lasagna
* Spaghetti & Meatballs
* Blackened Chicken Fettuccini - 1 small
* Tuscan Pasta
* Cheesy Beef Macaroni
* Chicken Tettrazzini
* Pork Chops w/ corn casserole
* Chicken Marsala 
* Ricotta Cheese Manicotti
Don't have time to get your Thanksgiving sides and desserts done???

We can take care of that for you! Just download this form below and bring it in or call to place your order!  Order Deadline is Monday Nov 23 at noon.  :)