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The Ultimate Convenience
for your school, office, organization...

Get your Business on our program!

How nice for your employees to be able to  stock up on entrees so they don't have to go home and cook!

We deliver to your business, A great perk for your employees...work/ life balance perhaps?

Everyone loves something to make their day a little easier!

Want to make it really easy to have our homemade meals?
Our Mom's Express program delivers to your business with a
minimum order of 20 Large Entrees. Here's how it works:
Your group receives a menu weekly with selected Entrees.
You place your order (paper or online) by a set date.
MSC delivers at a set time/date to your school or business.
You just pick up, pay.
Go home and heat up your delicious homemade meal. 
Dinner is done! 

If this is something you would be interested in please contact us
in the space below. We look forward to serving you.

Individual 7" Round
Serves 1-2 People
$11.95 - $14.95
Large 9" Round
Serves 3-4 People
$21.95 - $24.95
Family 9" X 12"
Serves 8-10 People

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